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Sunshine Adventure: Summer Camp Retreat

Discover the beauty of God's creation, build lasting relationships, and deepen your connection with Him.👭🏞️👬 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the perfect blend of faith, adventure, and fellowship.! ☀️

Get Ready for an Epic Summer Camp Retreat!


 Our program is packed with excitement, adventure, and spiritual growth. Join us for an uplifting liturgy service, engaging bible study sessions, and meaningful prayer groups.


 But that's not all! Get your game on with thrilling outdoor activities like soccer, volleyball, and refreshing swimming time.


 As the sun sets, gather around the campfire for sizzling BBQ dinners and mouthwatering s'mores. Show off your talents in our entertaining talent show and immerse yourself in a variety of engaging group activities.


 Get ready for an unforgettable experience and create lifelong memories at our incredible summer camp retreat!

Unleash the Adventure: Discover, Grow, and Connect at our Epic Summer Retreat for Elementary and Middle Schoolers!



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